Always rhythmic, colourful and lively, FireStone perform high energy displays at venues around the South West and further afield.  The current style is mostly appalachain stepping mixed with English ceilidh and American jive choreography, peppered with some Canadian and African steps, which gives rise to the varied and exciting shows that FireStone produces today.  


FireStone really enjoy experimenting mixing and contrasting styles of dance and music; they can perform at festivals or fetes to a live band or provide interval entertainment to anything from 70s pop to modern chart music. The overriding ethos is that if it looks good, sounds good, the dancers think its fun and the audience likes it, then they will do it.  Using original pieces choreographed by the team, the range of dance and music performed is unique within the UK.


Almost impossible to pigeon-hole, FireStone have performed Appalachian dance in America, Irish dance in Ireland, and English dance in England. Purists raise their eye-brows, but the audiences continue to clap their hands.


Equally comfortable busking on city streets or performing on stage in front of large audiences, FireStone consists of two dance teams who can perform to a live band or recorded music, depending on the venue.


Above all, FireStone love to dance.


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